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Counseling in the Silicon Valley

Welcome! Counseling is a method to help you explore and reach new personal goals. We will work collaboratively as you begin to look at the areas of your life that bring you difficulty.

In her Silicon Valley private practice, Beth uses a relational framework that integrates cognitive-behavioral, family systems and interpersonal-dynamic theories.

If you are thinking about starting therapy, it is a good idea to speak to several licensed therapists before selecting one. Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable talking and sharing your feelings. The right therapist is someone who you feel is a good "fit" and whose knowledge and experience can help you with the unique challenges you face in life.

Do I really need counseling?

Sometimes you can help yourself or can get help from friends and family. It is common for people to feel that they should be able to handle situations on their own but at other times it is more helpful to have an objective listener. Counseling can help you identify options, future goals and feelings to help enhance your emotional well-being.

What IS counseling? What should I expect?

Counseling is considered an exchange of opinions and ideas to effectively problem solve daily living issues associated with emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problems. Therapy is not a teaching session but a relationship where you can learn about your life, your feelings and your choices. Sometimes this kind of learning is difficult, which is one reason therapy usually takes more than a few sessions. Therapy can often bring about a greater sense of empowerment to create powerful, lasting change.

What is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist?

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is trained to work with individuals, couples, or groups wherein interpersonal relationships are examined for the purpose of achieving more adequate, satisfying, and productive marriage and family adjustments. This practice includes relationship and pre-marriage counseling.

What is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor? 

A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) uses counseling interventions and psychotherapeutic techniques to identify and remediate cognitive, mental, and emotional issues, including personal growth, adjustment to disability, crisis intervention, and psychosocial and environmental problems. An LPCC may conduct assessments for the purpose of establishing counseling goals and objectives to empower individuals to deal adequately with life situations, reduce stress, experience growth, change behavior, and make well-informed rational decisions.

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